Construction and Sustainability Information and Services Page

The buildings that we work and reside in, profoundly impact issues such as sustainability as well as the conditions in which we live, and our quality of living.

Being "sustainable" and "energy efficient", is no longer optional, it is now a part of building regulations and government planning legislation that all domestic and commercial buildings reach specific targets in relation to their energy efficiency and sustainability.

GreenWise Construction undertakes projects in both the commercial and domestic sectors including commercial, retail, leisure, education, health, and civil markets predominantly in Wales, the Midlands and South-West.

Our sustainable construction services include:

Sustainable Homes & Buildings

Energy efficient homes and commercial buildings constructed to CSH and BREEAM standards. Learn more about sustainable homes »

Groundworks & Civil Engineering

Vast experience in providing groundwork's, civil engineering and environmental solutions to commercial & domestic clients. Learn more about groundworks  »

Air Tightness Testing & Insulation

Registered Air tightness Testers and expertise in all areas of Energy Efficiency provides you with best level of thermal performance. Learn more about air tightness testing  »

Sustainable Drainage

Specialist drainage installations designed to reduce the impact of developments on surface water drainage. Learn more about sustainable drainage  »

Sustainable Landscaping

Creating sustainable, functional and attractive outdoor areas including childrens soft play surfaces, multiuse games areas, and timber structures. Learn more about sustainable landscaping  »

Renewable Energy Technologies

Reduce running costs by installing Solar PV, thermal, heat pumps, bio mass and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems. Learn more about renewable energy  »

Sustainable Design & Management

Design and management of projects from concept to completion; committed to being practical, cost conscious and exceeding standards. Learn more about sustainable design  »

GreenWise Construction presents a contemporary outlook on the future of the construction industry.

Our Sustainable Accreditations