Sustainable Construction

GreenWise Construction, based in Baglan Energy Park near junction 41, is a company enthusiastically focused on excellence in sustainable construction, without sacrificing quality. This pioneering approach to development prioritises environmental as well as economical factors.

GreenWise is unique in its specialisation, expertise, and PRACTICAL experience; we offer a complete sustainable construction service from initial concept to project completion. Our holistic approach to a project provides clients with a cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution for their development.

GreenWise Construction presents a contemporary outlook on the future of the construction industry, providing a wide range of construction services and enabling clients to identify the benefits of incorporating sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices in the construction of commercial and domestic projects.

Our fundamental objectives are to provide a superior service in each individual project we embark on, as well as accomplishing the requirements established by the client. We promote quality and sustainability working in synergy, with the intention of generating a superlative outcome in what we produce, and hence force enhancing our reputation as an emerging, innovative, construction company.

GreenWise Construction Directors

Sustainable construction aims to reduce the environmental impact of a building over its entire lifetime, while optimising its economic viability and the comfort and safety of its occupants.
Environmental Benefits
Protect the Ecosystem
Improve Air and Water Quality
Waste Reduction
Economic Benefits
Reduce Operating Costs
Optimizes the Life Cycle of the Building
Increases Asset Value; Aid resale
Social Benefits
Improve Occupants Comfort and Health and Morale
Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment
Improves Worker Productivity
Reduce Emissions
Conserve and Restore Water and Natural Resources
Temperature Control

Sustainable Homes & Buildings

Energy efficient homes and commercial buildings constructed to CSH and BREEAM standards. Learn more about sustainable homes »

Groundworks & Civil Engineering

Vast experience in providing groundwork's, civil engineering and environmental solutions to commercial & domestic clients. Learn more about groundworks  »

Air Tightness Testing & Insulation

Registered Air tightness Testers and expertise in all areas of Energy Efficiency provides you with best level of thermal performance. Learn more about air tightness testing  »

Sustainable Drainage

Specialist drainage installations designed to reduce the impact of developments on surface water drainage. Learn more about sustainable drainage  »

Sustainable Landscaping

Creating sustainable, functional and attractive outdoor areas including childrens soft play surfaces, multiuse games areas, and timber structures. Learn more about sustainable landscaping  »

Renewable Energy Technologies

Reduce running costs by installing Solar PV, thermal, heat pumps, bio mass and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems. Learn more about renewable energy  »

Our Sustainable Accreditations